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A Book and a Bad Guy is a playable Adventure Time level in LEGO Dimensions that can be accessed upon purchase of the 71245 Level Pack.



Citizen in Peril

Cinnamon Bun is trapped inside an empty subway train near the Lich boss battle. To save him, you need a character with the Raven Portals Ability to pass through a wall into a subway train which he is trapped in.

Rule Breaker

  • TBA

Abilities Needed to Complete the Level 100%

Differences From the TV Series

  • In the first trial in the episode "The Book", the gatekeeper asked how he figured out the puzzle in which Finn replies that he looked cute in the keyhole, but in the level, the gatekeeper doesn't ask how he solved it.
  • In the part of the level with the Pixies and the Old Ladies, Finn had to save 5 Old Ladies, while in the episode, they were killed by the Pixies.
  • In the show, when they met Mannish Man, he led them to the picnic table outside and show them the book. In the game, when they met him, he immediately showed them the book.
  • In the show, when Finn kicked the Ogre in his stomach, his stomach rumbled and oozed out of his mouth where Jake was walking. In the game, the Orge simply spat out Jake when Finn kicked his stomach.
  • In the show, Finn kills the Lich using the sweater Bubblegum gave him, but in the game, he kills him using Billy's Gauntlet.
  • In the episode "Mortal Folly", Ice King doesn't kidnap Princess Bubblegum or annoying Finn and Jake asking their permission to marry Bubblegum, while the episode, he does so. Also, Princess Bubblegum was meant to be killed off by Ice King, who accidentally dropped her to acid, but in the level, she escapes alive.


  • The storyline is based on two of the Adventure Time episodes, "The Enchiridion!" and "Mortal Folly".
  • This is the fifth Level Pack Level to have a plot based on a previous material from a franchise: Back to the Future!, The Mysterious Voyage of Homer, Ghostbusters!, and Mission: Impossible are the other four levels that have this format.
  • In the cutscene with Finn and Jake entering the area where the Enchiridion was located at, you can see Batman, Gandalf the Grey, and Wyldstyle running in the background.
  • When you use the Locate Keystone in the subway part of The Lich segment, it'll summon the Mushroom Bomb along with the skeletal remains of Simon Petrikov, as a nod to the Farmworld alternate universe wherein Finn wish that the Lich didn't exist in the first place.
  • During the Tree Fort section, you can spot the Battle Moon and Jake's wizard cloak from "Dungeon Train" and "Wizard" respectively.
  • When Finn and Jake were walking to find the book, they sing "Computer Song", from "Guardians of Sunshine" episode, with nearly identical tone and dancing style.
    • When they arrived at the log, you can see Ice King in the background mimicking the dance style of the song.
  • During the ending cutscene, after Ice King realizes everyone has already left, he sings part of "Oh, Bubblegum" from the episode "I Remember You".
  • Cinnamon Bun is the only Citizen in Peril who was not rescuable upon release as he requires the use of the Raven Portals Ability which wasn't available until the release of Wave 9.
  • This Level features the Bug Battle BMO dock.


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