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  • Red Shogun

    My name is Red Shogun, I'm new to the wiki but not new to LEGO Dimensions. This is a list of everything that I want to see in the game for Year 3

    Reason: DC Comics has allowed Marvel to adapt on their characters and make them their own. Plus, with Disney Infinity out of the picture, Disney might want to get more money by giving Marvel to LEGO Dimensions.

    • Iron Man + Quin-Jet + Hulkbuster

    • Thor + Asgardian Skiff, Loki + Chitauri Chariot
    • Hawkeye + Hover-Cycle, Black Widow + S.H.I.E.L.D. Motorbike

    • Spider-Man + Spider-Cycle
    • Ultron + Ultron Warship

    Reason: LEGO had previously asked Disney for Star Wars but was rejected due to it already being in Disney Infinity. Now with Disney Infinity long gone, Star Wars has another chance. Plus Star Wars was confirm…

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  • Mr.invisable

    My ideas for Year 3

    March 27, 2017 by Mr.invisable

    I just thought, why not when it came to this. So these are just characters I what to see in LEGO Dimensions for Year 3. Also just my opinion.

    Shocker! The packs I see for this Franchise would be:

    Half-Life Adventure Pack with;

    Dr. Gordon Freeman

    • Abilities:
      • Inteligents
      • Aim
      • Hazard Protection
      • Mini Access
      • Illumination
      • Dive
      • Gravitie Gun

    The Objects that he would have are:

    • The Rollermine
      • Electro-Heart Emmetter
      • Dark Matter Container
        • Abilities
          • Electricity
          • Gyrophere
          • Waight Switch
    • Broken Buggy
      • Half-Mussle Car
      • Sea Scout
        • Abilities
          • Car Switches
          • Aim
          • Sea Travel

    Half-Life Fun  Pack with:

    Alyx Vance

    • Abilities
      • Aim
      • Silver LEGO blowup
      • Relic detector
      • Technology
      • Inteligence
      • Acrobat

    Her Vehicle would be:

    • Dog
      • Combine Hunter
      • Combine Camura
        • Abilities
          • Straight
          • Laser
          • Aim
          • Flight docks
          • Flight

    Yeah, I do want Samur…

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  • Rachel Berenson

    Franchise: Animorphs

    Level Pack: Jake Berenson (voiced by Shawn Ashmore), Morphing Cube, Jake's Car/The Gardens (if it's Story Pack), "MORPH" Keystone (if it's Story Pack)

    Team Pack #1: Rachel (voiced by Marlee Roberts, the modern incarnation), Cassie (possibly Danielle Nicolet), The Rachel (spaceship from #54), Yeerk

    Team Pack #2: Marco (possibly Michael Pena), Tobias (possibly Keith Silverstein), Hork-Bajir/Jara Hamee, Taxxon

    Fun Pack: Aximili Esgarrouth-Isthill "Ax" (voiced by Scott Adsit), TBD

    Polybag: Elfangor (voiced by David Boat)

    Franchise: The Matrix Trilogy

    Level Pack: Neo, Phone Box, The Nebuchadnezzar

    Team Pack: Trinity, Morpheus, Trini's Bike, Chopper

    Fun Pack: Agent Smith, The Sentinel

    (all characters voiced via Archive Audio, except Smi…

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  • Trailblazer101

    These are my Minecraft YouTubers pack ideas.

    • Captain Sparklez
      • Cow
      • Sparklez House
      • Build Keystone
      • 12 New Levels of Trolling Fun!

    • DanTDM
      • Diamond Minecart
      • Grim
      • A Minecraft Testing Adventure

    • UnspeakableGaming
      • Unspeakable Car
    • MooseCraft
      • Moose

    • SSundee
      • Smeltry

    • MrCraier
      • Alfred v2

    • SubZeroExtabyte

    • PopularMMOS

    • Acrobatics
    • Manulyn Pickaxe
      • Mine
    • Manulyn Sword
      • Laser Deflection
      • Vine Cut
      • Sword Switches
    • Manulyn Bow
      • Target
      • Pole Vault
    • Portal Gun
      • Portal Gun
    • Power Fist
      • Silver LEGO Blowup
    • Zuvicio Armor
      • Flight
      • Invulnerability
    • Power Armor
      • Flight
      • Speed

    • Acrobatics
    • Diamond Sword
      • Laser Deflection
      • Vine Cut
      • Sword Switches
    • Compass
      • Tracking
    • Goggles
      • X-Ray Vision
    • Diamond Pickaxe
      • Mine

    • Acrobatics
    • Tongue
      • Grapple
      • Rope Swing
    • Slurp Access

    • Acrobatics
    • Moose Milk Bucket
      • Big Transformation
        • Super Strength
        • Super Strength Handles

    • Acrobatics
    • Manulyn …

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  • The MariposaLass'93

    Disney Dan recently release a blog and a video regarding this new Easter Egg, and believe it or not, it is lifted from the Bible, particularly 1 John 1:9.

    Check them out here:, and here:

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  • Trailblazer101

    As many of you may already know that James Bond is a rumored franchise to come to the game for Year 3, as claimed by the BrickShow. Listed below are my ideas for what should happen for the franchise!

    • Character
      • James Bond
        • Acrobatics
        • Target
        • Grapple
        • Stealth
        • X-Ray Vision
    • Vehicles/Gaxgets
      • Aston Martin DB5
        • Accelerator Switches
        • Tow Bar
      • Bond Motorcycle
        • Accelerator Switches
        • Silver LEGO Blowup

    You Only Live Twice (A Secret Undercover Mission)


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  • Luchito12pizza

    Here my speculation on shapeshift ability from beast boy 

    • Gorilla:super strengh 
    • Monkey:mini access and acrobat
    • Hedgehog:laser deflector
    • Elephantidae:water pray
    • Iguana:stealth
    • Dog:tracking and digging
    • Lion:vine cut

    I hope you have enjoyed it bye

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  • Captain Elsa Miku Hatsune Harleen Quinzell

    The Angry Video Game Nerd Fun Pack

    Character : The Nerd

    Abilities: Target (NES Zapper), Silver LEGO (NES Super Scope), Relic Detector (Laser Scope), Laser;Super Strength (NES Power Glove), Flight, Deflection (Power Pad), Regeneration (Soda), Sonar Smash (Miracle Piano)

    Gadget: Super Mecha Death Christ -- Asscavator--The Weasel

    Quotes :

    I'm the [bleep]in' Nerd. [Entrance Quote] I'd rather eat a roadkill skunk's ass than be here. [Entrance Quote] You're like a fly fighting a professional wrestler! [Entrance Quote]

    I'm done. [Exit Quote]

    Those rings...THOSE FREAKIN' RINGS! [Interaction with Superman]

    Just be glad I don't have plans to tear apart Sonic 06, buddy. [Interaction with Sonic]

    Make that sword useful and slice up my copy of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hy…

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  • MrQuest17

    Hi, guys MrQuest17 back with another scoresome blog for all my Lego Dimensions peeps today. Anyways as I hope we all know, as of late the very future of Dimensions carrying on through to next year has been put into question. Now I know recently a lot of things have been thrown about and the community has been shaken by this, with this latest rumour, and yes I do use the word rumour heavily, because it is just a rumour for the time being, nothing's set in stone. Anyway in order to help calm things down, I think it's high time we take this a part bit by bit, which will help us to determine what will happen.

    This rumour I believe, started a month ago, with well-known Lego youtuber; Just2Good who can be noted is good at sourcing Lego informati…

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  • JeagerEX12

    Not about the LEGO Dimensions bootlegs from China, but you may shocked about those fake LD Expansion Packs which are modified the bases and replacing the characters and  with a random bricks that aren't made from LEGO for example they remove a Bad Cop minifigure and the bricks for the mini-build and erasing the Super Secret Police Pattern in the character base then they put a random bricks and a customized figure just like what they did to Amiibos.

    However, they can be sold somewhere else that aren't legally carried by the company such as several Dollar Stores (Not 99c Only Stores and Dollar General). Those bogus packs will not work in the game, they will just take your money.

    That's why every 99c Only Stores around US stopped selling those …

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  • Awegamer2015

    So, my idea if that we had a book, not making one. But if there was one it should include.

    - Character's Bio using information from the most original series/movie/video game/or book. - Fun facts for characters like When Gizmo eats a Scooby snack, he becomes a gremlin, or sonic appering on his 25th anniversary - Guide on their ability - An image on their toy tag - All characters listed from A-Z, but Batman,Gandalf, and Wyldstyle listed first. - A poster containing all the characters, listed from A-Z, including their franchise logos.

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  • JeagerEX12

    They suppose to have back in stock soon maybe some Year 2 and a few waves from Year 1 but suddenly they stopped there distribution from their warehouse.

    And the reason why this thing stopped because there is someone who made a complain to LEGO regarding LD is for gamers only it is true or not? I know they want those also for LEGO Collectors too especially the small builds and minifigures as long as children must stay away from biting the base because it is a safety hazard.

    I'm sorry to hear about that why the 99c distribution warehouse stopped shipping to their local stores.

    Not only the complain above also the following below:

    1. Telling everyone that LEGO Dimensions is for gamers only. That is wrong.

    2. Ignoring choking hazards.

    3. Someone wan…

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  • Captain Elsa Miku Hatsune Harleen Quinzell

    1. Unfriended Fun Pack

    Laura Barns

    Abilities : Target (Adam's Pistol), Hazard Cleaner (Val's Bleach), Vine Cut (Ken's Blender Blade), Laser (Jess' Hair Straightener), Sword Switch (Mitch's Butcher Knife), Mind Control, Hack, Tech Panel, X-Ray Vision, Magic, Sonar Smash (Scream), Cracked Walls (Textbox), Apparation

    Gadget : Blaire's Laptop

    Voice Cast : Dee Bradley Baker

    2. The Gallows Fun Pack

    Charlie Grimille

    Abilities : Grapple, Super Strength, Cracked Walls, Apparition, Magic, Mind Control

    Gadget : Guillotine

    Voice Cast : Frank Welker

    3. Chronicle Level Pack

    Andrew Detmer

    Abilities : Acrobatics, Flight, Magic, Shield, Electricity, Sonar Smash, Crusher (crush any metal LEGO objects with a grasp motion)

    Vehicle : TBA

    Voice Cast : Dane DeHaan

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  • Darkmen759

    Now that i talked about what franchises i want for Lego Dimensions Year 3 it's time for to mention franchises that weren't in my list,Here is the Honorable Mentions List.

    Spongebob Squarepants and TMNT:  Both seems to have a lot of possibility when fans think of something Nickelodeon,Though as i said from the list these 2 are under the rights of Mega Blocks,i do want these both to be in the game, but i am aware of the license they're now taken by,if nick wanted to put them in the game then they would have to rip Mega Block's Contract and resign them to Lego.

    Power Rangers:  i might like Star Wars,But i added it in the list just for the sake of it,i have the same thoughts with Power Rangers,but sadly it just didn't make it,i know it might get…

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  • Trailblazer101

    I was just thinking of some cool Story Packs for Year 3. And since the last wave for Year 2 is releasing on May 9 of this year, that makes all of these Story Packs possible.

    • Captain Jack Sparrow: Sword Switches, Vine Cut, Tracking, Character Changing (TBA)

    • The Black Pearl: Sail

    • TBA

    • Map

    • Lloyd: Acrobatics, Laser Deflection, Sword Switches, Stealth, Spinjitzu, Screwjitzu Switches, Spinjitzu Master Build, Character Changing (Master Wu, Kai, Cole, Jay, Zane, Nya)

    • Elemental Dragon

    • Monastery of Spinjitzu

    • Spin

    • Fred Jones: Tracking, Illumination, Detective Mode, Mystery Puzzle, Character Changing (Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley)

    • Mystery Machine (2018)

    • ?S.C.O.O.B. Headquarters?

    • Seek
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  • Darkmen759

    5. Star Wars

    i don't want this franchise to be in the game because i want it, i want it in because it deserves it.Star Wars deserves to be in this game because Lego used it for the games and it would be devastating to fans that it's not in,The Characters that would most likely happen are 2 characters from both era's of star wars(not counting rougue one because i did not watch it)From Episodes 1-6 Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader,while the characters from Episode 7 could be Rey and kylo ren. The world can be mashed with both timelines from all the movies,one from Episodes 1-3,one from Episodes 4-6,and the other from Episode 7,even if you don't agree with my idea on this then that's fine,let's hope this franchise ends up in the game,even if the…

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  • StonetheVoiceActingWikiLover

    We all know that Red Dwarf in Lego Dimensions is coming in Year 3, When it is confirmed, Okay? and The 3rd Fantastic Beasts Level has a Secret Red Dwarf Area. And I Love Red Dwarf and the Red Dwarf Cast. :)

    It's gonna be fun.

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  • StonetheVoiceActingWikiLover

    We all know that Spaceballs is coming to Lego Dimensions in Year 3, When it is confirmed, Okay?

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  • StonetheVoiceActingWikiLover

    We all hope that Gears of War is coming to Lego Dimensions, As an Xbox Exclusive in Year 3, When it is confirmed, Okay?

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  • StonetheVoiceActingWikiLover

    We all know guys that the Power Rangers will be coming to Lego Dimensions in Year 3, When it its confirmed, Okay?

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  • StonetheVoiceActingWikiLover

    Hey Guys, I've been informed that Night at the Museum will be coming in Lego Dimensions, When Year 3 is confirmed, Okay? :)

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  • StonetheVoiceActingWikiLover

    Hey Guys, I Just also been informed that Halo will be coming in Lego Dimensions as an Xbox Exclusive, When Year 3 is Announced, Okay?

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  • StonetheVoiceActingWikiLover

    Hey Guys, I just been informed that Skylanders will be coming to Lego Dimensions, When it its confirmed on Year 3 of Lego Dimensions in the future, When Activision uses premission to use Legos, Okay?

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  • StonetheVoiceActingWikiLover

    Hey Guys, We all know that John Wick will be coming to Lego Dimensions, When it is confirmed in Year 3 of Lego Dimensions, Okay?

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  • StonetheVoiceActingWikiLover

    Hey Guys, I Just want to remind you that The franchise of The Godfather, will be coming to Lego Dimensions, When it is confirmed on Year 3, Okay?

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  • Darkmen759

    Lego Dimensions is (possibly) getting ready for Year 3 and that means more franchises are on the way as soon as Possible,But we don't what franchises will get choosen until an announcement is made, Many people have gotten started on their Year 3 Wishlist so it's time for me to talk about what franchises i want for the game,Let's Go!

    10. Goosebumps

    goosebumps is a horror novel series made by .R.L. Stine , they then made a TV Series based off the books and a movie Years later! if Goosebumps gets added in Lego Dimensions, then i think they'll use the movie for the world,The Characters i would like to see as Playable Characters are Zach,Slappy,and The Abomeable Snowman.The Adventure World can take place in the Towm of Madison with all the Locati…

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  • Sonic Hero22

    Yesterday I got the LEGO Batman story pack and rather accidentally discovered an interesting glitch. On wave 7.5 I got Excalibur Batman along with Micheal Knight, I used Excalibur Batman to explore the LEGO Batman Movie World and I collected the red brick "Always Batman" along the way which I turned on to get the LEGO Movie Batman playable. When I booted up the story pack I had Robin and Batgirl on the toypad to open the level but removed them for the LEGO Movie Batman when prompted. During the first stage "the energy plant" I went to turn off my red brick powers and decided to turn always Batman off as well and this caused the DC Comics Batman to replace the LEGO Movie Batman in the game to my surprise, eager to complete the level I turn…

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  • Olimar McCain

    Hey guys, I know it's kinda silly to think so, but maybe Lego teased new franchises in their (trashy) Lootbox. If you watched the hilarious unboxing of just2good, you may notice something: There are franchises from the game, like DC and such, and there are two franchises which seem off, since they have nothing to do with the game at all:

    Power Rangers merchandise and Tetris magnets. So I was wondering, why were these items in there? Why would Lego put something completely irrelevant to Lego Dimensions into a Lootbox for the game? Then it hit me, maybe these franchises are planned franchises for the third year. I know, it's stupid at first thought, but it could make sense. These are the same people, who teased Tina in a picture of the Sonic …

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  • Lego Brick Squad

    Can you please check the following items:

    1. Ensure you are logged into and Xbox Live account.  
    2. Ensure the age setting on the Xbox 360/One profile you are using is set to Adult.  To do this please follow these steps: While connected to the internet go to “Settings” and then “Privacy” and then go to “Change Settings” and press on “Adults”, then press “Save and Exit”
    3. Ensure you have sufficient hard drive space to download the updates
    4. Ensure you are set up to an internet connection. [Please Note Mobile Cellular Networks or "HotSpots" are not capable of downloading updates due to their large file size]

    **Ensure you have completed the tutorial which ends after defeating the Wicked Witch on the Yellow Brick Road Level.

    How to Set Up Xbox Live Silver Acc…

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  • StonetheVoiceActingWikiLover

    Greetings Lego Dimensions Lovers, Welcome to Lego Dimensions Wikia.

    And I Hope you Have a Great Day. :)



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  • Trailblazer101

    For LEGO Dimensions some of the Foundation Elements they gave franchises in Year 1, I was a bit upset about. So I am going to be listing the Foundation Elements that I thought would be good for the Year 1 franchises.

    • Flux Capacitor (Why would I change this. It's perfect!)

    • Kryptonite (I can't think of anything better)

    • TARDIS Key (The best I could come up with)

    • P.K.E. Meter (Same as BTTF)

    • Amber (Makes sense)

    • Orb of CHI (Come on LEGO, If I can think of this, then you can too!)

    • Gold Token (Why change it)

    • Staff of Elements (Perfect!)

    • Cake (This is perfect! I'm hungry now)

    • Diamond Scarab (Same as DC)

    • Piece of Resistance (Why didn't they do this? It's the most important thing in the film!)

    • The One Ring (Wouldn't change it if you forced me to)

    • Inanimate Carbon Rod…

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  • JaJaLoo

    What's up,JaJaLoo here. A couple days ago,I saw Miss Peregrine's Hime for Peculiar Children and thought it was decent. But overnight,I found out that Miss Peregrine would be a great franchise in Lego Dimensions. I imagine it would be a Miss Peregrine Story Pack with Miss Peregrine,the R.M.S. (I can't remember the name.) and the Peculiar Children Home Gateway Portal

    • Character Changing (Can transform into Jake,Emma,Olive,Millard,Enoc,the Twins,Hugh,Claire and Horace)
    • Flight (Transforms into her bird form)
    • Target (Bring out the crossbow)

    • Tracking (Jake)
    • Floating (Emma)
    • Gold Lego Objects (Olive)
    • Stealth (Millard)
    • Intelligence (Enoc)
    • Acrobat (Enoc)
    • Freeze Breath (The Twins)
    • Mini Access (The Twins)
    • Boomerang (Hugh)
    • Taunting (Horace)
    • Mini Access (Claire)

    • The Is…

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  • Trailblazer101

    Have you been wanting The LEGO Batman Movie to recieve its very own videogame? Do you want to make a change? Well, if so then please support The LEGO Batman Movie Videogame on to make a change because everything has to be Batman!

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  • Tazmania1996

    Here are the franchises that i want in Lego Dimensions

    The Life And Times Of Juniper Lee

    Invader Zim


    Fairly OddParents

    Need For Speed

    Lego Agents

    The Lego Ninjago Movie



    Jurrassic Park

    Men In Black

    The Mask

    The Beetles Yellow Submarine

    The Legend Of Zorro


    DC'S Justice League Movie


    Smurfs:Lost Village

    TLATOJL Team Pack


    Juniper Lee

    Ray Ray Lee



    Te Xuan Ze Mobile

    Invader Zim Level Pack




    Voot Cruiser

    Irken Computer

    CatDog Fun Pack


    Garbage Truck

    Fairly OddParents Level Pack


    Timmy Turner



    Poof Zeppelin

    Fairly OddParents Team Pack






    Fairly OddCar

    Need For Speed Level Pack




    Pagani Zonda R

    NYC Po…

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  • Olimar McCain

    Hey, this blog is about my wish/my orders for different minifigure types in Lego Dimensions Year 3. I will talk about the franchises I consider as worthy being talked about in this topic.

    This show is really special. I think that it should use different parts for different character body-types:

    • Garnet: Tall (Stretched limbs from the Toy Story franchise)
    • Pearl: Regular
    • Steven & Amethyst: Short (If possible: Printed short legs)

    Or King Kong vs. Godzilla. What I want to say is: I don't want that the most iconic cinema creatures get scaled down into minifigure scale. I want them to be like they're original structure:

    • King Kong: Being able to walk on his knuckles
    • Godzilla: Having a movable tail and a distinct back

    What I never liked about the Minecraft…

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  • Trigger Happy the Gremlin

    My reaction to the swarm of negativity from my opinions blog.


    You can't go wrong with Mr. Stay Puft!

    Ogres are like Onians

    Don't remember the Eifell Tower being red.

    Beep Boop, Beep Beep Beep, Bee Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep, Beep!

    All for one, and one for all!


    Sorry, that information is noncannon.

    Next Middle Earth Trilogy confirmed.

    Low Poly Staff


    Spooky Scary Skeletons

    Darude Sandstorm

    Michael Bay got ahold of eight gallons of goo.

    Bee Movie Two Confirmed

    We Are Number One!

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  • Trailblazer101

    I was just wondering why didn't the Year2 Franchises get Foundation Elements like the Year 1 Franchises. So, listed below are all of the Foundation Elements that I thought of for Year 2.

    • The Enchiridion

    • Handbook For The Recently Deceased

    • Potted Flower

    • Newt's Suitcase

    • Ghosts From Our Past

    • Cookie

    • Goblet of Fire

    • Knight 2000 Microprocessor

    • 100 Dollar Bill

    • Tape

    • Chaos Emerald

    • Legendary Sandwich

    • Milk Bottle

    • One-Eyed Willy's Treasure Chest

    • The Phantom Zone Projector

    • Chemical X
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  • Dadaw

    Wave 8 more Images

    February 13, 2017 by Dadaw

    I got some images

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    Did anyone else notice that everyone in the Lego Batman Story Pack except Batman and Batgirl have different voices?

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  • Ian678

    As we all know Peter Capaldi will sadly regenerate this christmas so I was wondering could Doctor number 13 or 14 whoever He or She will be ever be playable?. I suggest a fun pack with Bessie The Car.

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  • Anti-Max112211

    Shouldn't Sonic's Super transformation be its own ability page?

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  • Jarredbanks2475

    Hey all,

    Was just going through Finn's page and took a look at Crossbow all other swords and gauntlet come up but not the crossbow can some please add this 

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  • Anti-Max112211 Watch the video, It has some quotes for the characters we haven't heard before.

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  • Trigger Happy the Gremlin

    DC Comics: A no brainer for LEGO. Wish we got more characters.

    Lord of the Rings: I liked the movies, but Middle Earth adventure world is way too small.

    The LEGO Movie: Liked the movie, didn't it's game, and in this the adventure world is more cramped then my car if all 36 members of my family go in.

    Wizard of Oz: Too kid-oriented and light hearted, I know LEGO games are supposed to be, but that movie is too much.

    Portal: Never played the games (I do have The First Slice), almost got the level pack but got an Angry Birds set instead. I dunno, it's a good franchise for LD I guess.

    Back of the Future: Never seen the movie, my brother has, though, and he got the level pack. It is an alright inclusion.

    Jurassic World: Needs more characters. I have t…

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  • JaJaLoo

    Voice Actor Issues

    February 8, 2017 by JaJaLoo

    What's up,JaJaLoo here. And as you may know from a few comments on a few pages,it get's me annoyed when the original voice actors for all our beloved in-game characters are replaced with people we hardly know. So in this blog post,I will post all the actors that should be playing their characters for all the playable characters. This will be updated fairly regularly. Are you ready? Let's begin.

    • Ben Affleck - Batman (Replacing Troy Baker)
    • Ian McKellen - Gandalf (Replacing Tom Kane)
    • Elizabeth Banks - Wyldstyle (Original Actor)

    • Gary Oldman - Lord Vortech (Exclusively voiced)
    • Joel McHale - X-PO (Exclusively voiced)

    • John DiMaggio - Jake (Original Actor)
    • Olivia Olson - Marceline (Original Actor)
    • Jeremy Shada - Finn (Original Actor)
    • Pendleton Ward - Lumpy…

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  • Trailblazer101

    If you are having trouble figuring out which packs to buy, then I think has given us a great way to figure out how to solve thids predicament.

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  • Trigger Happy the Gremlin

    (Keep in mind this is all in good fun, none of this is serious)

    • Youtubers
    • GoAnimate
    • Memes
    • Mario
    • Robot Chicken

    • GoAnimate Team Pack
      • Caillou
        • Caillou's Mech
      • Boris
        • Boris' Mech

    • We Are Number One Fun Pack
      • Robbie Rotten
        • Stingy's Car
    • Mario Fun Pack
      • Mario
        • Mario Kart
    • LEGO Metaworld Fun Pack
      • LEGO Metaworld
        • TBA
    • Robot Chicken Fun Pack
      • Scientist
        • Robot Chicken
    • John Cena Fun Pack
    • John Cena
    • Dat Boi
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  • Trailblazer101

    These are what I predict will happen for Wave 9.

    • Teen Titans Go! Team Pack (Beast Boy + T-Plane, Raven + Pretty Pretty Pegasus)
    • The Powerpuff Girls Team Pack (Blossom + Powerpuff Hotline, Bubbles + Dynamo)

    • Ghostbusters (2016) Fun Pack (Rowan North + Mayhem)
    • Teen Titans Go! Fun Pack (Starfire + Silkie)
    • The Powerpuff Girls Fun Pack (Buttercup + Talking Dog)
    • Beetlejuice (Betelgeuse + Sandworm)
    • LEGO Dimensions (Lord Vortech + Keystone Activator)

    • DC Comics Polybag (The Flash)

    • Mini Access
    • Boomerang (Bananna)
    • Hazard Protection
    • Shape Shift
      • Tracking (Dog)
      • Digging (Dog)
      • Flight (Bird)
      • Dive (Fish)
      • Drone Mazes (Mouse)
      • Slurp Access (Mouse)
      • Speed (Cheetah)
      • Super Strength (Gorilla)
      • Super Strength Handles (Gorilla)

    • Fligt
    • Magic
    • Magical Shield
    • Magic Portal
    • Illumination
    • Slurp Access

    • Min…

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  • Anti-Max112211

    I would like to know because of a theory I have

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  • XironeEmerald

    Off The Wall Idea

    February 4, 2017 by XironeEmerald


    Level Pack

    Edd Gould- Bathmobile- Space Cats

    • Abilities-
      • Transform (Power Edd)
        • ​Flight
        • Invincibility
        • Target Destroy (Power Blasts)
    • Bathmobile Abilities
      • ​Underwater Dive
    • ​Space Cats Abilities
      • ​Vine Cut

    ​Team Pack

    Tom Ridgewell- Matt Hargreaves- Go-Kart- Harpoon Gun

    • Tom Abilities- 
      • ​Target Destroy (Gun)
    • ​Matt Abilities
      • ​Transform (Vampire)
        • ​Flight
        • Stealth
      • ​Laser (Mirror Reflection)
    • ​Go-Kart Abilities
      • ​Speed
    • ​Harpoon Gun Abilities
      • ​Grapple

    ​Fun Pack

    Tord Larsson- Mech

    • Abilities
      • ​Master Builder
      • Acrobat
      • Target Destroy (Gun)
      • Hacking
      • Technology
      • Drone (Mini-Bot)
    • ​Mech Abilities
      • ​Flight
      • Target Destroy
      • Super Strength

    So, these are my Lego Eddsworld ideas. Got any Comments?

    Read more >

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