DC Comics World
LD 34
Location information
Franchise DC Comics
Red Bricks 1
Gold Bricks 28
Renovations Restore the Superman stature
Restore Arctic World
Restore the Daily Planet
Restore the Penguin's hideout
Fund the Wayne Manor party
Restore the Bat Signal
Unlock the Jukebox
Restore the Atlantis Building
Fund the School of Fish
Quests A Bankless Task
Gotham Got Gossip
Brawls Without Borders
Rolling in the Deep
Servant and Protect
Races 4



Batman and Robin were chasing Bane, that stole Kryptonite, in Gotham City. Robin, who got a crystal, asked Batman why Bane would need the Kryptonite in the first place. When they were about to cross the bridge, Robin, alongside the Kryptonite, were sucked into a mysterious portal. Batman trying to save him enter into the vortex and ended up on Middle-Earth

Painting the Town Black

In Metropolis, Maggie Sawyer and police found the Locate keystone outside Lexcorp, when suddenly Sauron appears. He takes the keystone and uses it to summon the Barad-Dur and his army of Orcs. Later Batman, Wyldstyle and Gandalf arrived looking for the keystone, only to find the city taken over by Sauron forces. Superman appears to help them but is sucked into a vortex, leaving the trio alone to fight the invasion. Batman discovers that Sauron has the keystone, but Gandalf claims that if he is there everything is lost.

The heroes, that are being watched by Sauron, make their way through the destroyed city, fighting hordes of Orcs and LexBots and helping the citizens, now using their new Scale Keystone. They reached the Dark Lord's fortress, in where many citizens are captured. The heroes entered, just when Two-Face appears, riding a weaponized Oliphant and attacks them, but at the end, the trio defeated the villain and his minions

Later the heroes come face to face with Sauron. He claims that "he said that they would come" and Gandalf states that Sauron has fallen far by serving another. Sauron summons a Dalek Saucer and the fight continues at the top of the tower, with the Daleks and Orcs attacking the heroes. The trio manages to defeat them and the dark lord decides to finish them by himself. By using different kinds of lights the heroes weaken Sauron and at the end, he is defeated. He doesn't understand how is that possible, but Gandalf states that he has no power outside his domains, and is transported back to Foundation Prime. The keystone is almost sucked into the portal, but Wyldstyle takes just in time. The heroes are then attacked by Vortech and they open a portal back to vorton.

The End is Tri

During the battle aginst the Tri, the heroes return to Gotham City, in where they finally defeated the robot and freed their friends.




Gold Bricks

Image Description
To get this gold brick, first you need a character with stealth ability to turn off the security cameras, then use a character with target ability to deactivate the traps. Once you enter on the building smash and rebuild the boxes into electric coils and charge them with a character with electricity ability, that will deactivate the lasers. Finally, with a character with relic detection uncover a grapple point and open the vault that contains the Gold Brick.
On a parking lot building, use a character with mind control abillity to control a NPC inside the building. With the NPC go to the building's second floor, there you will see a fuel tank next to a rock that covers a button, move the objects and press the it. That will make the tank explode and destroy the rocks that covers the path to floor below. With the rocks destroyed rebuild the pieces into a swith that will destroy the rock that covers the entrance. Once the citizens are free yo will get the brick.
At the top of a building use a character with laser deflection abillity to deflect four lasers into their respective switches, that will deactivating the laser cage. Finally, redirect the final one into the golden chest.
To get this Gold Brick, you first need a character with the Mini Access Ability to enter a building and press the button that will open the doors to let other characters in (optional). Inside, you must destroy a box and rebuild it into a Scale keystone, use it and go to the tunnels and press the buttons which will open the vault that contains the gold brick.
To get this brick first you need to restore the artic world. After that go to the top and use a character with the laser ability to melt the ice that covers the two switches and the vault, open it and you will get the Gold Brick
Behind the Gotham Cathedral. To get this gold brick you will need the Gyrosphere to activate a gyrosphere switch to open a door.


  • Restore the Superman stature (5,000 studs)
  • Restore Arctic World (90,000 studs)
  • Restore the Daily Planet (90,000 studs)
  • Restore the Penguin's hideout (20,000 studs)
  • Fund the Wayne Manor party (60,000 studs)
  • Restore the Bat Signal (90,000 studs)
  • Unlock the Jukebox (25,000 studs)
  • Restore the Atlantis Building (90,000 studs)
  • Fund the School of Fish (5,000 studs)


  • It should be noted that the world's layout is different from its artwork.


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