• Restore the 3W Facility (40,000 studs)
  • Restore the Dalek head (60,000 studs)
  • Restore the Mars Space Shuttle (40,000 studs)
  • Restore the winter playground (30,000 studs)
  • Unlock the jukebox (25,000 studs)
  • Restore Telos base (50,000 studs)
  • Restore the mausoleum (30,000 studs)



  • Before a recent update, it was possible to bring any character inexplicably underwater in the Thames River, enabling the player to complete the world 100% without Scooby-Doo, as there is a Tracking puzzle in the Thames.
  • On Mars, Gadget the robot from The Waters of Mars appears as an object. There are more than one Gadget too.

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