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Hint Stones are in-game hints and tutorials that help you play LEGO Dimensions. Hint stones are found within the levels and Adventure Worlds inside LEGO Dimensions and provide advice on how to play the game or perform certain actions. Early hint stones act as mini tutorials telling you about how to use Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle's abilities as well as how to use in game mechanics like Keystones.


  • After completing Once Upon A Time Machine in the West, X-PO will act as the tutorial character saying a line when activating a hint stone.
  • After completing Prime Time X-PO is destroyed and stops giving hints until the player completes The End is Tri.
  • Common tutorial hints can be accessed at any time from the Vorton computer in the Extras section.
  • Hint stones are mostly used to explain non Starter Pack abilities like the Silver LEGO blowup ability or the Laser ability.
  • When a hint stone for non starter pack abilities is enabled pressing the Y button on Xbox or the triangle button on PlayStation will show a list of Characters, Vehicles and Gadgets that can perform that ability.
  • If the ability described on a hint stone isn't available to the player a Hire-a-Hero hologram will appear after the hint stone vanishes allowing you to rent the character that can perform that ability for 30 seconds.
  • All important hints relating to starter pack abilities can be found in the Extras section of the Vorton menu.

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