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In-TARDIS Entertainment is a special tab that is only accessible by The Doctor when inside one of the many interiors for the TARDIS. Once inside the player can listen to a variety of Theme Tunes and Incidental Music.

Theme Tunes

Theme tune 1963

Theme tune 1967

Theme tune 1970

Theme tune 1980

Theme tune 1986

Theme tune 1987

Theme tune 2005

Theme tune 2008

Theme tune 2010

Theme tune 2014

Incidental Music

Incidental Music (4th Doctor) - "It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for".

Incidental Music (9th Doctor) -

Incidental Music (10th Doctor) - Doomsday

Incidental Music (11th Doctor) - I am The Doctor

Incidental Music (12th Doctor) - A Good man?


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