Jake the Dog









Character Information
Name Jake the Dog
Gender Male
Franchise Adventure Time
Weapons/Accessories Flashlight
Vehicles and/or Gadgets BMO
Occupation Adventurer
Residence Land of Ooo
(Finn and Jake's Treehouse)
Let's get this party started!
— Jake's line when entering the game
Time to get my hero on!
— Jake's second line when entering the game
All right, let's do a thing!
— Jake's third line when entering the game
Jake the Dog is one of the Team Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in 71246 Team Pack for the Adventure Time franchise.


Jake the magical Dog is the adopted brother to Finn the Human who goes on adventures with him around the Land of Ooo. He's also married to Lady Rainicorn and has several kids with her. Jake has the ability to stretch his body limbs into an immense length. He also can grow into a giant, and shrink.


Adventure Time: Land of Ooo (Finn and Jake's Treehouse)



Don't worry, mama. Just leave it to Jake.
— Jake's first line when about to solve a puzzle
This right here is my bread and butter!
— Jake's second line when about to solve a puzzle
One more for the treasure pile!
— Jake when found a collectible
This place is Ba-nay-nay!
— Jake's first line in the vortex
I gotta introduce you to Slime Princess.
— Jake when seeing Slimer
Hey little fella, you look hungry... you hungry? Yeah. You're hungry.
— Jake when seeing Gizmo
I like this guy... he knows a fool when he sees one!
— Jake when seeing B.A. Baracus
Half Jake, half dolphin! All awesome!
— Jake when transforming into Dolphin Form
— Jake when transforming into Big Jake
— Jake when transforming into Jake Suit
Are you sure you're not related to Lady Rainicorn?
— Jake when seeing Unikitty.
Err, this doesn't feel too right dude...
— Jake when riding the Jakemobile.
Back off man. I'll mess you up...
— Jake when in combat
"Hehehe! Weird.
— Jake when seeing a giant character or when riding a mech
Awww, Lady Rainicorn would love this view.
— Jake when left idle
I really could go for an Everything Burrito right now. I miss you, Everything Burritio
— Jake's second line when left idle
Ready for drillin' and chillin'.
— Jake when transforming into Drill Jake
Dad, is that you? No, wait... Mom? Man, this is making my brain tired.
— Jake to Jake
Hey check it out! I don't even need to walk anymore! Time to Roll!
— Jake when transforming into Zorb Jake
That totally ducked...
— Jake when respawning
Heh, I got stuffs to do. Smell ya later.
— Jake's first line when leaving the game
I'm gonna take a quick nap.
— Jake's second line when leaving the game
I'm not running away, this is part of my plan!
— Jake's third line when leaving the game
Dude, this thing is bunk.
— Jake when unable to solve a puzzle
Whoah, sick!
— Jake when riding the Batmobile
Hey, Guess I'm not the weirdest creature to ever drive this thing.
— Jake when riding the Sonic Speedster


  • In the TV series, he was voiced by John DiMaggio, who reprises his role in the game.
  • While Jake is in his Jake-Suit form, all characters can jump into him as a reference to the real life episodes Jake Suit and The Silent King. This was confirmed during the LEGO Dimensions segment on IGN Live SDCC.
  • So far, Jake and Buttercup are the only playable characters who can access the Gyrosphere Switches Ability as Zorb Jake and Energy Shield Buttercup, as the ability itself was an exclusive ability found in the Gyrosphere and its alternate builds, until his inclusion in the game.
  • One of his idle animations has Jake playing his viola.
  • He, Finn, and Chase McCain are currently the only characters to open up a selection wheel to gain new abilities.
    • This is a mechanic that is reused from LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.
  • They are a lot of references whenever Jake reacts amongst other things:
    • Jake's quote towards B.A. Baracus is a play of one of his actor, Mr. T's famous catchphrase, "I pity the fool!"
    • Jake's quote towards Slimer is a reference to Slime Princess, a princess who shares similarities to Slimer.
    • Jake's quote towards Unikitty is a reference to the fact that she and Lady Rainicorn are both unicorns.
  • Jake's toy tag has a joystick and includes the floor from his treehouse.
  • If the player has a Jake figure on the Toy Pad whilst playing the A Book and a Bad Guy level, new dialogue will be unlocked, as the playable Jake will be referred to as "Future Jake".
  • Due to his transformations, he has the most abilities out of any single playable character with a total of 16 abilities, he also shares this record with Newt Scamander and Chase McCain.
  • His reference to the Sonic Speedster could be because Sonic the Hedgehog has ridden it.
  • Jake is the only character that can enter Scale tunnels without the use of the Scale Keystone.


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