Abilities are character's powers which they use in LEGO Dimensions. With abilities, characters can solve puzzles within levels in order to progress the game, to reach inaccessible places, to obtain Minikits through replaying the levels and Gold Bricks in Adventure Worlds.

Vehicles and gadgets also have abilities that can be used to solve certain parts of puzzles although there are some exclusive to them.

Some puzzles can only be solved with a character/vehicle/gadget that shares the right combination of abilities (for example, there is at least one puzzle where you need a vehicle with both Fly and Laser).

Due to many varieties of ability one character can have, below is the list of abilities in organized sections and their usage.


This section contains abilities that most characters, vehicles and gadgets commonly have.

Acrobat Ability


Jay swinging pole to pole

Acrobat allows characters to perform acrobatic skill by swinging pole to pole, wall-jumping when approaching to blue and pink colored poles and walls, walking on tightropes and allows characters to double jump (or high jump) to areas that others cannot reach.

The interactibles use Wyldstyle's color scheme.

Boomerang Ability


Gollum throwing a fish at Batarang Switch

Boomerang allows characters to active Batarang Switches by throwing projectiles in a boomerang fashion.

The interactibles use Batman's color scheme.

Dive Ability

Mpba k

Wonder Woman diving into Atlantis

Dive allows character to dive and breathe underwater to reach inaccessible areas.

Vehicles such as Aqua Watercraft have this ability but if the player character doesn't have Dive they will lose all their hearts if they leave the vehicle.

If you have a character or vehicle with Dive, attempt to dive into every pool of water you can find both in missions and world maps. Quite a number of hidden areas are underwater ones in a large number of locations.

Fix-It Ability


Doc Brown is fixing

Fix-It allows characters to fix broken LEGO objects highlighted with blue color.

Emmet, Doc Brown, Newt Scamander, E.T., The Doctor, B.A. Baracus, Jay and Nya have this ability.

Flying Ability


Wonder Woman soaring the sky of DC Comics World

Flying allows characters to have ability of flight to reach inaccessible places high up in the sky.

Flying vehicles such as the Joker's Chopper can also have this ability.

Only Year 2 land vehicles like Enchanted Car and Lumpy Truck have this ability.

Grapple Ability


Batman's grappling

Grapple allows characters to pull down special Orange Handles, or use them to gain access to certain areas.

Hacking Ability


Benny hacking a terminal, which leads to a mini-game

Hacking allows characters to hack into terminal. By hacking into terminal, players must finish a minigame (very similar to PAC-MAN) by activating certain number of chips in addition to avoiding enemies.

The interactible has Benny's color scheme.

Illumination Ability


Gandalf lighting up dark area

Illumination allows characters to light up (or illuminate) dark places.

Characters like ACU Trooper have this ability.

Laser Ability


By consuming Scooby Fire Snack, Scooby gains the Laser Ability

Laser allows characters to fire a laser beam at Gold LEGO objects to melt it down or cut it out of shape. The red laser beam can be in any forms of energy such as proton beam fired by Peter Venkman, or the beam from Billy's Gauntlet.


Cyborg melting ice

Laser Ability can also allow characters to melt Ice LEGO Objects.

Vehicles such as K-9 Laser Cutter have this ability.

Scooby Fire Snack is the only gadget to give the user the Laser Ability.

Laser Deflector Ability


Kai deflecting laser

Laser Deflector allows characters to redirect laser in order to activate special laser switches or interact with Gold LEGO Objects.

Laser Deflector is the only gadget to have this ability.

Electricity Ability


Jay charging up an Electric Coil

Electricity allows characters to fire stream of pure electricity to power up Electric Coil.

Characters like ACU Trooper, Jay, and The Joker can do this.

Vehicles such as Electric Time Machine have this ability.

Magic Ability


Gandalf uses Magic to lift a floor.

Magic allows characters to use their magic ability on highlighted LEGO objects with blue stars.

Silver LEGO Blowup Ability


Cyberman destroys Silver LEGO Cage

Silver LEGO Blowup allows characters to destroy Silver LEGO objects by firing rockets, missiles or other means at them.

Vehicles such as Ultra Time Machine have this ability.

Homer's Taunt-o-Vision is the only gadget with this ability.

Sonar Smash Ability


Slimer shattering glass

Sonar Smash allows characters to destroy LEGO glass objects by shattering them with sound.

Vehicles such as Sonic Beam Gyrosphere have this ability.

Stealth Ability

I M Batman

Batman turning invisible

Stealth allows characters to enter stealth mode by turning invisible or disguising to hide from security cameras' field of vision.

Scooby Ghost Snack is the only gadget to give the user their Stealth Ability.

TARDIS and Harry Potter's Enchanted Car are the only vehicles to have this ability (the Enchanted Car needs to unlock this ability for studs).

Super Strength Ability


Superman smashing Cracked LEGO Wall

Super Strength allows characters to smash Cracked LEGO walls by using their strength. There's also Cracked LEGO surface on the ground that characters can smash on it or throw rock at them.

Super Strength Ability has a sub-ability called Super Strength Handles Ability, which allows the character to pull objects with an orange handle attached to them.

Mechs such as Samurai Mech have this ability.

Scooby Snack is the only gadget to give their Super Strength Ability.

Target Ability


Bart Simpson firing at Bulleyes LEGO Pieces

Target allows characters to shoot at Bullseye LEGO Pieces with projectile.

Vehicles with colour changing bolts or spinning weapons can also do this.

Technology Ability


Cyberman interacting with the control panel

Technology allows characters to interact with panels to activate chests contain Gold Bricks or solve puzzles.

This section contains abilities that only few characters, vehicles or gadgets have, or in some cases, only vehicles and gadgets share.

Big Transform Ability


Unikitty turns into Rage Unikitty

Big Transform allows characters to turn into bigger version of their character, with added strength, by activating a special meter circled around their character portrait. When they revert back to normal, their meter can recharge to full so that they can use it again. Some characters, such as Cyborg, do not have a meter, and can remain in this bigger form indefinitely.

Only Jake, Bane, Cyborg, Stay Puft, Unikitty and Homer Simpson can perform this ability.

Character Changing Ability

Characters Changing allows characters to switch to other characters pertaining to their respective franchises at the players' wish. This ability, however, can only be activated if the player finishes a special level (like Level Pack characters) or mission (Like completing the quest).

Only characters like Peter Venkman, Abby Yates, Newt Scamander, Sloth, B.A. Baracus and Tina Goldstein have this ability.

Cursed Red LEGO Objects Ability

Cursed Red LEGO Objects allows characters to destroy special LEGO Objects, in this case Red LEGO Objects.

Finn can use this ability with his Demon Sword as well as Marceline, Stripe's Throne and the Heavy Metal Monster.

Dig Ability

Dig allows characters to use Dig Spots by digging.

Scooby-Doo, Jake, Supergirl (as a Red Lantern), Stripe, and Marceline are the only characters to do so.

Vehicles such as Cyber-Wrecker have this ability.

Drone Mazes Ability


Cyberman sending Cybermat to Drone Access

Drone Mazes allows characters to summon their drone to use Drone Mazes.

Only characters like Doc Brown, Ethan Hunt, Jake and Cyberman can do this.

Freeze Breath Ability


Superman's iconic Freeze Breath

Freeze Breath allows characters to freeze the enemies with their breath during combat.

Superman and Supergirl are the only characters that have this ability.

Glide Ability

Glide allow to characters to glide across the sky.

Only Benny, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Sensei Wu, LEGO Batman, and Batgirl have this ability.

Grind Rails Ability


Sonic performing the Grind Rail.

Grind Rails allows characters, as its name suggested, to grind rails; however, players need to gain momentum in order to perform the grind rail.

Only Sonic and Legolas can do this.

Growth Ability


X-treme Soaker growing hay

Growth allows characters to grow plants by spraying water on it.

Only Aquaman, Krusty the Clown, Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, Newt Scamander, Tina Goldstein, Queenie Goldstein, E.T. and Hermione Granger have this ability.

Vehicles like Mystery Monster have this ability.

Gyrosphere Switches Ability

Lr0 KW

Gyrosphere's unique ability

Gyrosphere Switches allows special vehicles to activate special switches by rolling on it.

Only Jake (in his Orb form), and the Gyrosphere, together with its alternate builds, can do this.

Guardian Ability

Guardian allows vehicles and gadgets to follow the characters and attacks the enemies.

Only some vehicles like Jakemobile or gadgets like Heavy Metal Monster can have.

Hazard Cleaner Ability


Unikitty's X-Streme Soaker sucks up the hazardous wastes.

Hazard Cleaner allows characters to clean up hazardous wastes by spraying water on it or sucking it up like the Slimer did.

Vehicles such as X-Streme Soaker can do this.

Hazard Protection Ability

Hazard Protection allows characters to immune to hazardous wastes that normally hurt other characters.

Only The Joker, Bane, Slimer, Peter Venkman, Abby Yates, Cragger, Stay Puft and Lumpy Space Princess have this ability.

Heart Regen Ability

Heart Regen allows characters to regenerate lost hearts.

Only E.T., Marceline, Superman and Supergirl are the only characters to have this ability.

The Gold Heart Emitter is the only gadget to do this.

Intelligence Ability

Intelligence Ability allows characters to interact with a special board and play a memory match card game to progress the game or solve puzzles.

Only Abby Yates (and the other female Ghostbusters), Doc Brown, The Doctor, Jay, Newt Scamander and Hermione Granger have this ability.

Invulnerability Ability


Gamer Kid drinks a soda can to achieve Invulnerability

Invulnerability allows characters to immune to all attacks that are thrown at them.

Only DC comics characters such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Superman have this ability permanently. Gamer Kid and Sonic the Hedgehog can activate this ability for a limited duration making him vulnerable when the timer runs out and until the ability is reactivated.

LEGO Constructs Ability

LEGO Constructs allows only Supergirl (in her Red Lantern form), Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup to build LEGO Construct builds to interact with objects. In order to activate this ability, players need to find a translucent LEGO pad built like a lantern symbol.

Magical Shield Ability


Wicked Witch with her Magical Shield

Magical Shield allows characters to cast an aura surrounds them that acts as a bubble shield.

Only Gandalf, Wicked Witch, Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, Newt Scamander and Tina Goldstein have this ability.

Mind Control Ability


Cyberman mind-controlling Peregrin Took

Mind Control allows characters to mentally control NPCs (Non-playable characters) that have question mark over their head to perform tasks.

Only Cyberman, Wonder Woman, Wicked Witch, and Lord Voldemort have this ability.

Mini Access Ability


Characters like Bart Simpson can access Mini Hatch

Mini Access allows only characters with small size to access a hatch to enter a new area.

Only Bart Simpson, Gimli, Gollum, Slimer, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess, Marceline, and Gizmo have this ability.

Pole Vault Ability


Legolas' Pole Vaulting Ability

Pole Vault allows characters to create extra Twirl Poles with staff-like objects to unlock a special cage or create set of swing poles to traverse.

Only Legolas, Sensei Wu, Green Arrow, Finn, and Robin (as Nightwing) have this ability.

Rainbow LEGO Blowup Ability


Rainbow Cannon's unique ability

Rainbow LEGO Blow Up allows characters to destroy Rainbow LEGO objects by firing rockets, missiles, or other means at them.

Unikitty using her unique power

Characters can also build an object from the Rainbow LEGO pieces.

Only Unikitty, Lumpy Space Princess and Rainbow Cannon can perform this ability. Unikitty and Lumpy Space Princess are the only characters who can build LEGO rainbow brick builds.

Relic Detector Ability


Bad Cop discovers a Grapple Point with his ability

Relic Detector allows characters to detect hidden LEGO objects behind a pink aura.

Only Bad Cop, Wyldstyle and Chase McCain have this ability.

Rope Swing Ability

Rope Swing allows characters to swing from one platform to another if the grapple point is placed upwards.

Only Ethan Hunt, Finn, Jake, Gizmo, and Jillian Holtzmann have this ability.

Shape Shift Ability

Shape Shift allows characters to change into their different form, and each form has its own unique abilities.

Only Jake and Beast Boy can do this.

Slurp Access Ability

Slurp Access(Called Vent Access in earlier versions), just like Mini Access Ability, allows characters to use a special hatch to access a new area, in this case the vent.

Only Slimer, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess and Marceline have this ability.

The interactibles have Lumpy Space Princess's color scheme.

Special Attack Ability

Special Attack Ability allows only vehicles to have their own unique or special attacks, such as shooting venom, dropping bombs and throwing fireballs.

Only some vehicles like Venom Raptor, or gadgets like Slime Shooter can have this ability.

Speed Ability


Gamer Kid drinking soda can to activate his Speed Ability

Speed allows characters to have additional speed to aid them in combat.

Gamer Kid and Sonic the Hedgehog are the only characters that have this ability.

Vehicles like Street Shredder have this ability.

Sword Switch Ability

Sword Switch allows characters to insert a sword into certain switches.

Only Finn and Excalibur Batman have this ability.

Super Jump

Super Jump allows vehicles (and maybe characters), like its name suggested, to perform a super jump at a high distance.

Super Jump Ability has sub-ability called Jump, which is a lesser form of Super Jump, allows character to jump at lower distance.

Only some vehicles like Moto Bug can perform this ability

Tracking Ability


Owen tracking the footprints

Tracking allows characters to track down LEGO objects by following set of footprints to find them.

Only Owen Grady, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Jake, Michael Knight, and Chase McCain have this ability.

Vine Cut Ability


Velociraptor cutting vines

Vine Cut allows characters cut down LEGO vines in certain areas.

Only Owen Grady, the Velociraptor, the Monstrous Mouth, Finn, Stripe and Robin (as Nightwing) can use this ability.

Water Spray Ability


Aquaman filling "Fill Spray Switch"

Water Spray allows character to fill up Fill Spray Switches by spraying water at it and extinguish fire by the same method.

Aquaman, Krusty the Clown, Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, Newt Scamander and Tina Goldstein have this ability.

Vehicles like Mystery Monster have this ability.

X-Ray Vision Ability

Just x raying

Superman using X-Ray Vision

X-Ray Vision allows characters to see through behind Green LEGO Walls to solve puzzles within it.

Only Cyberman, Zane, Ethan Hunt, Michael Knight, and Superman have this ability.

This section contains abilities that only specific characters, vehicles or gadgets have because of their usage or being akin to specific franchises.

A-Team Master Build

A-Team Master Build, similar to the Master Build Ability, allows only The A-Team characters like B.A. Baracus to make object from pre-existing objects around them into weapons or vehicles.

Apparate Access Ability


Tina Goldstein performing an Apparition

Apparate Access allows only Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them characters to use a special pad to perform an Apparition, which is a magical method of transportation in Harry Potter world, to teleport to the other location.

Arcade Dock Ability


Arcade Dock in effect

Arcade Dock allows only Arcade Machine to access around 23 retro arcade games from the Midway Arcade game library. By reaching certain amount from each goal, the player will earn many studs depending on the medal status of Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Atlantis Ability


Aquaman using Atlantis Elemental Ability

Atlantis allows only Aquaman to summon sea creatures (like a Shark) or build LEGO Objects from the Atlantis Pool.

BMO Docking Stations Ability

BMO Docking Stations allows only BMO, along with its alternate builds, to use docking stations and progress the game by playing BMO's games (Kompy's Kastle and Bug Battle), much like the Arcade Dock Ability.

Charge Transfer Ability

Charge Transfer allows only Abby Yates to transfer an energy source from one station to another to activate switches via Proton Gloves.

Chi Ability


Cragger channeling his CHI into the altar

Chi allows only Legends of Chima characters to channel the power source of CHI (which is a powerful life and power source from the Land of Chima, based on the Chinese concept of chi) into the altar to activate. In order to obtain CHI, characters can draw from CHI Fountain or beat up enemies to obtain them.


Cragger CHI Up

Chi Ability has a second use: Chima characters can use CHI to power up and have Super Strength with a special meter circled around the characters. Once the meter runs out, the character can't CHI Up anymore until the meter recharged.

Detective Mode Ability

Detective Mode allows LEGO Batman and Batgirl to use their detective to track footprints (if placed on red pad), smell (if placed on green pad) and sound (if placed on blue pad).

Diffindo Ability

Diffindo allows only Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them characters to cut through certain red walls, but players first need to shoot at it which enable them to cut it down.

Doctor Regenerate Ability


The Doctor's many incarnations

Doctor Regenerate allows The Doctor to change forms upon being killed or losing the player's hearts, taking in a different form upon respawning.

Fantastical Briefcase Ability

Fantastical Briefcase allows only Newt Scamander to access new areas by entering the briefcase. Players first need to find a special pad to use this ability.

Fuse Box Ability

Fuse Box allows only Ethan Hunt to overload the electrical circus panel in order to progress. To do this, players must play a mini-game, where they have to guide a plug from one end to another end without hitting the walls or the spark reaches the plug.

Gremlin Transform Ability

Gremlin Transform allows only Gizmo to transform into a gremlin with boosted attack for limited time.

Ghost Puzzles Ability

Ghost Puzzles allows only Peter Venkman to solve ghost puzzles to unlock certain areas.

Ghost Trap Ability


Peter Venkman trapping ghosts with Ghost Trap

Ghost Trap allows only Ghost Trap and Abby Yates, along with other female Ghostbusters to capture ghosts within it. Once the ghosts are captured, they can be placed in Containment Units to solve the puzzle or progress the game.

The interactibles have the color scheme of the Ghost Trap gadget.

High Security Access Ability

High Security Access allows only Batgirl to access a special terminal and interact with it by matching three circle patterns to unlock doorway or solve puzzles.

The interactibles have Batgirl's color scheme.

Lock Picking Ability

Lock Picking allows only Newt Scamander to unlock padlocks by using Pickett, but players first need to complete the minigame. The minigame here is to push up all three pins by tracing sequences on the toy pad with Pickett.

Magno Gloves Ability

Magno Gloves Ability allows only Ethan Hunt characters to climb up the surface of metal walls with his Magno Gloves.

Master Build Ability


Benny's Master-Building

Master Build allows only LEGO Movie and LEGO Batman Movie Master Builders to build pre-existing LEGO objects into newer items to solve puzzles or access different areas.

P.K.E. Meter Ability

P.K.E. Meter allows only Abby Yates to analyze the objects and find the ghosts hidden in these objects. In order to achieve this, players need to retrace the three colors' sequence (green, yellow and pink) in specific orders shown on their toy pad.

Parseltongue Doors Ability

Parseltongue Doors allows only Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort to interact with a special doorway by speaking Parseltongue to a snake-like figure head.

Phone Home Ability

Phone Home allows only Phone Home and Mobile Uplink to call Elliott and his bike or E.T.'s Spaceship for transportation.

Portal Gun Ability


Chell using the Portal Gun to create Portals on the Portal Pads

Portal Gun allows only Chell to create portals on special portal pads to access inaccessible areas or make destructive portals that destroy enemies.

Raven Portall Ability

Raven Portals allows only Raven to use portals to telllaport from ine specific place to another.

Scan Disguise Ability

Scan Disguise allows only Ethan Hunt to use a special station to scan for a specific outfit which can be used to disguise the character and access the security scan to progress the game or solve puzzles.

Skeleton Organ Port Ability

Skeleton Organ Port allows only Skeleton Organ to interact with special port with a bone archway. By stepping the port with the gadget, players have to complete the rhythm mini-game to activate.

Spinjitzu Ability


Sensei Wu performing Spinjitzu

Spinjitzu allows only Ninjago Characters to screw down certain switches called Screwjitzu Switch.

Cole's Spinjitzu in combat

Spinjitzu Ability also allows them to preform a tornado-like combat move that renders the character invulnerable and sweeps enemies into the tornado. This move can be activated by a special meter circled around the character. When the meter runs out, the move can't be performed until the meter recharged by beating up enemies.

Suit Rip Ability

Suit Rip allows only Robin (The LEGO Batman Movie) to change into his other costume for more added abilities by 'ripping' his original suit off and putting on his other suit.

Suspend Ghost Ability


Peter Venkman wrangling a group of ghosts

Suspend Ghost allows only Peter Venkman and Abby Yates to freeze ghosts in order to trap them into the Ghost Trap.

The original variant has the character maneuver the beam around to catch the ghosts with the analog stick while the new version is easier with a timed button press. The timed button press sequence in the new version, if timed right, players will instantly capture the ghosts without going through three timed button press sequences.

TARDIS Access Ability


The Twelfth Doctor accessing the TARDIS

TARDIS Access allows only The Doctor to enter inside the TARDIS interior, where players change The Doctor's incarnation, change the interiors of the TARDIS and the music via the In-TARDIS Entertainment.

TARDIS Travel Ability


The TARDIS going across time and space

TARDIS Travel allows only TARDIS and its rebuilds to travel across space and time by choosing a time period via accessing the interior of the TARDIS. The time period is automated when using this ability via TARDIS Pad.

Time Travel Ability


Time Travel Ability in motion

Time Travel allows Only Back to the Future vehicles and the characters riding them to travel through time via special ramps.

Truffle Shuffle Ability

Truffle Shuffle allows only Chunk to perform his infamous Truffle Shuffle technique.

Uniform Changing Ability

Uniform Changing allows only Chase McCain to change his outfit into his other outfits by selecting his outfit on the selection wheel. In order to access these outfit, you must unlock them by locating the booths that scattered throughout the hub world.

Vent Access Ability

Vent Access allows only Robin to access special vent passageway and navigate through it.

The interactibles have Robin's color scheme.

Weapon Switch Ability

Weapon Switch allows only Finn to switch out their original weapon for various other weapons, each with different usage.

Weight Switch Ability


Laser Deflector with Weight Switch Ability

Weight Switch allows only Companion Cube, along with its rebuilds, to activate Cube Switches to access different areas.

This section contains abilities that only vehicles can have, so abilities that vehicles also share with many characters and gadgets are excluded. This includes abilities for land, flying and water vehicles.

Land Vehicles

Accelerator Switches Ability


Kai's Blade Bike activates Accelerator Switches

Accelerator Switches allows only land vehicles to activate a special type of treadmill to solve puzzles.

Tow Bar Ability


Mystery Tow & Go pulling a weak wall

Tow Bar allows only land vehicles to destroy weak LEGO walls by attaching three grapple hooks on them and pulling them down. This ability is equivalent to Grapple Ability for playable characters such as Batman.

Some vehicles such as Axe Chariot or alternate models such as Mystery Tow & Go have this ability.

Only Year 2 rebuilds like PerfEcto and Pain Plane have this ability.

Flying Vehicles

Cargo Hook Ability


Cargo Hook in motion

Cargo Hook allows only flying vehicles to pick up an energy cells and place them on special switches to activate, or pick up any other cargo types.

Flight Dock Ability


Flight Dock in motion

Flight Dock allows only flying vehicles to power Jet Switch by docking on it. This ability is equivalent to Accelerator Switches for land vehicles.

Water Vehicles

Underwater Drone Ability

Underwater Drone allows only water vehicles to summon their drones to use Underwater Drone Mazes. This is similar to the Drone Ability for playable characters.

Only Year 2 rebuilds such as IMF Splorer currently have this ability.

Underwater Interactions Ability

Underwater Interactions allows only water vehicles to perform tasks underwater like activating special underwater docks, pick up special energy cells and place them into special switches, destroy weak walls by pulling them down. This ability basically contains three underwater abilities that are equivalent to Flight Dock and Cargo Hook for flying vehicles and Tow Bar for land vehicles.

Only Year 2 rebuilds like IMF Splorer currently have this ability.

This type contains abilities that can only be used once in a particular level for mandatory purpose and never used for 100% completion or solving puzzles.

Taunt Ability


Taunt-o-Vision's unique ability

Taunt allows only Taunt-o-Vision to "taunt" enemies by distracting them. This ability can only be used in The Mysterious Voyage of Homer to distract rats.

Ghost Chipper Ability

Ghost Chipper allows only Patty Tolan to "chip" off the enemies' bubble shield by vacuuming into. This ability can only be used to destroy Mayhem's bubble shield during its boss fight in The Battle for Times Square story level.

Chili Eating Ability

Chili Eating allows only Homer Simpson to eat chilly at the cook off in the level The Mysterious Voyage of Homer.


  • Both Technology and Hacking are shared by five playable characters: Doc Brown, Benny, The Doctor, Cyberman, and Michael Knight.
  • CHI, Laser and Spinjitzu are only three abilities to have two functions:
    • Laser allows: 1) to melt Gold LEGO Objects and 2) Ice LEGO Objects.
    • CHI allows: 1) to channel CHI into an altar and 2) to CHI up and have Super Strength.
    • Spinjitzu allows: 1) to activate Screwjitzu Switches and 2) to perform a tornado attack.
      • Coincidentally, both CHI and Spinjitzu's second function can be used in combat.
  • Characters with Big Transform have a different appearance when they transform:
    • Stay Puft and Homer transform into bigger versions of themselves
    • Unikitty transforms into Angry Kitty.
    • Bane transforms from minifigure to big-figure when venom-powered.
    • Cyborg becomes bigger by putting on his Giant Suit, which appeared in LEGO Batman 3.
  • Big Transform and CHI are only two abilities to have a special meter to activate.
    • However, the meter for Big Transform can recharge to full without obtaining special energy or beating enemies.
  • As of Wave 7 of Year 2:
    • Both Jake, including his other forms,Chase McCain and Newt Scamander currently stand as characters with the most number of abilities available, with a total of 16 abilities. This is followed by Marceline with 15 abilities, Lord Voldemort and Ethan Hunt with 13 abilities, Finn with 11 abilities and Harry Potter with 10 abilities.
    • However Chase technically holds 17 abilities at his disposal if one counts the Uniform Changing Ability.
    • Marty McFly currently has the least number of abilities available, with only 1 ability.
      • Jacob Kowalski also has only one notable ability (Silver LEGO Blow Up), if you don't count the Character Changing Ability.
    • Acrobat Ability has the most number of users, with a total of 19 users. This is followed by Super Strength Ability and Laser Ability with 17 users, Silver LEGO Blowup Ability, Stealth Ability and Underwater Swimming Ability with 15 users, and Flight Ability with 12 users.
    • Relic Detector Ability has the least number of users, with only 2 users (Excluding exclusive abilities).
  • As of Wave 7 of Year 2, there are lots of different variations of different abilities:
    • BMO Docking Stations Ability is a variation of Arcade Docks Ability, which allows gadgets to access special docking stations. While players can access 23 retro games by accessing Arcade Docks to earns medals, BMO Docking Stations only allows players to access the game for solving puzzles and game progress purposes.
    • Diffindo Ability is a variation of Laser Ability, which allows characters to cut through special LEGO objects, in this case, Red LEGO Objects. While Laser Ability can both destroy and cut Gold LEGO Objects, Diffindo only allows characters to cut the Red LEGO Walls into pieces to build into objects.
    • A-Team Master Build Ability is a variation of Master Build Ability, which has similar usage but only for A-Team Characters.
    • Slurp Access Ability is a variation of Mini Access Ability, which has similar usage but only allows characters to pass through the vent, instead of crawl into.
  • Interestingly, Finn and Marceline's Cursed Red LEGO Objects ability, together with the Heavy Metal Monster, Sonic Speedster and Stripe's Throne, allow them to destroy Red Demon LEGO Objects but not cut down Red LEGO Walls, while Diffindo Ability allows Harry Porter, Voldemort, Newt Scamander, and Tina Goldstein to cut down Red LEGO Walls but not destroy Red Demon LEGO Objects.
  • Wonder Woman and Cyberman are the only characters with the mind control ability and not have magic.

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