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Master Chen's Staff
Master Chen's Staff Element
Item information
Name Master Chen's Staff
Used by Master Chen
Master Chen's Staff is one of the Foundation Elements, appearing in the Ninjago franchise.


Master Chen's staff or as it's known in Ninjago the Staff of Elements was a powerful elemental weapon used by Master Chen. It is capable of absorbing elemental powers at the risk of corrupting the user. Master Chen used the Staff to counter the elemental powers of the Ninjas including Zane and his ice powers.

Dimensions Crisis

The Staff is in Master Chen's possession for the majority of the Ninjago level Elements of Surprise until Lex Luthor confronted Master Chen and stole it from him but was unable to escape as Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle fought him and retrieved the Staff. However the Staff fused with the elemental Keystone and absorbed its powers which Master Chen used to fight the trio. After defeating Master Chen the trio escape with the Staff and suggest its best to keep them separate.

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