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Races are special objectives in each Adventure World where you need to finish a race with any vehicle in the game, and beat the time to get the Gold Brick.

Types of Races

  • Land Races - Races with land vehicles in mind. Some may allow characters racing on foot.
  • Underwater Races - Races with underwater vehicles and swimming characters in mind.
  • Air Races - Races with flying characters and vehicles in mind.
  • Super Speed Races - Races with Sonic the Hedgehog in mind.


(Please note that this may vary in various parts in the Adventure Worlds)

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Races in Adventure Worlds

Year 1

Year 2


  • There are three main types of races shown and confirmed in the LEGO Dimensions Adventures World Trailers and explored in Gamescom 2015 & PAX 2015: land races, underwater races, and aerial races.
    • Although there are also specific ability races scattered across in many Adventure Worlds, i.e. the High Jump / Acrobatics Race in the LEGO Movie World, and water ski races in worlds like the Scooby-Doo World near the Fairground.
  • Completing any one race can earn the achievement Dimensional Dasher. Completing five races can earn the achievement Pedal to the Metal

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