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Red Bricks
are collectables you can collect in LEGO Dimensions. There is one to collect in each Adventure World, and one to unlock after getting every Gold Brick.

Red Bricks

Year 1

Name Franchise Cost Description
Dwarf's Bounty 

The Lord of the Rings

1,000,000 X2 studs multiplier.

Villain Disguises 


500,000 Gives all mayor level bosses a disguise.
All Hail King Homer The Simpsons 100,000 Character turns gold and can detect gold bricks.
The Way of the Brick  Ninjago 100,000 Fast build.
Master of CHI Legends of Chima 500,000 Gain more CHI.
DC Captions DC Comics 500,000 Comic book style captions.
Faulty Flux Drive  Back to the Future


500,000 Vehicles get Back To The Future effects.
Rare Artifact Detector (R.A.D.)  The LEGO Movie


200,000 Detects mini-kits.
Aperture Enrichment Detector  Portal 2 200,000 Quest detector.
Pack Hunter Jurassic World 500,000 Adds Dino hats to enemies.
Sound of the Doctor Doctor Who 500,000 Replace all music with Doctor Who theme tracks.
We're Off to See the Wizard The Wizard of Oz 500,000 Wizard of Oz music plays.
Full Minifigure Apparition Ghostbusters 500,000 Makes user into a semi-transparent ghost.
8-Bit Music Midway Arcade 500,000 Plays an 8-Bit music track.

480 Gold Bricks

  • Vorton Disco (Turns the Vorton world into a rave with a dance tune containing samples from the game and flashing lights. This automatically turns on as soon as you collect at least 480 Gold Bricks in total along with a message saying it is unlocked. You can turn it off from the Extras menu.)

Year 2

Name Franchise Cost Description
Fall Rescue Mission: Impossible 100,000 Saves you if you fall off edges.
I Know a Guy

The A-Team

100,000 Tag items upgrades cost half as many studs.
Mathematical! Adventure Time 100,000 Extra stud bonus multipliers during combat combos.
 Accio Studs! Harry Potter 100,000 Magically draws nearby studs towards you.
Boosted Busting  Ghostbusters (2016) 100,000 Catching ghosts is easier and awards more studs.
Flower Power! E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 100,000 Flowers sprout from the ground where you walk
Destruction! Gremlins 100,000 Objects are destroyed upon walking into them. One hit defeats two standard enemies.
Wizarding Whizz! Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


100,000 Magic interactions are faster and reward more studs
Ring-A-Ding-Ding!  Sonic the Hedgehog 100,000 Studs are replaced with Rings
Always Batman  The LEGO Batman Movie 100,000 Play as LEGO Batman in any franchise by putting the normal Batman Tag on the Toy Pad
K.I.T.T. My Ride Knight Rider


100,000 All vehicles play the Knight Rider theme and talk like K.I.T.T.
One-Eyed Willy's Treasure The Goonies 2,000,000 x4 Studs multiplier
Stud Chest Master LEGO City: Undercover 100,000 Stud chest cycles much slower
TBA Teen Titans Go! TBA TBA
TBA Beetlejuice TBA TBA
TBA The Powerpuff Girls TBA TBA


  • Some characters have special dances when Vorton Disco is activated, including:
    • Slimer swings his arms around, then does what's called an "Air Hump".
    • Scooby-Doo does "The Sprinkler".
    • Unikitty has a unique dance move.
    • Lumpy Space Princess does "These Lumps".
    • All characters do an idle animation along with dancing.

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