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The Red Brick Unlocks screen is a tab that you can access in the LEGO Gateway Menu, where you can buy Red Bricks.

Red Bricks

The Lord of the Rings

  • Dwarf's Bounty [X2 studs.]


  • Villian Disguises [Gives all major level bosses a disguise.]

The Simpsons

  • All Hail King Homer [Character turns gold and can detect gold bricks.]


  • The Way of the Brick [Fast build.]

Legends of Chima

  • Master of CHI [Double the amount of CHI.]

DC Comics

  • DC Captions [Comic book style captions.]

Back to the Future

  • Faulty Flux Drive [Vehicles get BTTF effects.]

The LEGO Movie

  • Rare Artifact Detector (R.A.D.) [Detects mini-kits.]]

Portal 2

  • Aperture Enrichment Detector [Quest detector.]

Jurassic World

  • Pack Hunter [Adds Dino hats to enemies.]

Doctor Who

  • Sound of the Doctor [Replace all music with Doctor Who theme tracks.

The Wizard of Oz

  • We're Off to See the Wizard [Skips some songs and animations.]


  • Full Minifigure Apparition [Makes user into a semi-transparent ghost.]

Midway Arcade

  • 8-Bit Music [Plays an 8-Bit music track.]

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