Sentry Turret
Owner Chell
Abilities Silver LEGO Blowup
Set 71203 Level Pack
Sentry Turret   Turret Striker   Flying Turret Carrier    
The Sentry Turret is a Portal 2 vehicle and an enemy in LEGO Dimensions. It is Chell's personal vehicle, and is included in 71203 Level Pack. The enemy version can be seen in GLaD to See You, the Aperture Science Enrichment Center Adventure World, and the Aperture Science level.


Sentry Turrets are miniature tripod robots that appear in every game in the Portal series. They are seen as incapable of independent movement, but can open each side of their chassis (their 'arms') horizontally in order to reveal two gatling guns. The central part of the chassis holds their red eye, which emits a targeting laser. Almost all of the space within the Turret is devoted to storing the ridiculously stacked ammo, explaining the nearly infinite supply of ammo when firing.

When test subjects are out of sight from the Turret's presence, they will maintain a standby state and will remain motionless with their guns retracted. Moving into their angle of sight however, will cause Turrets to deploy their guns shortly after greeting the unlucky individual before opening fire. They will continue to fire until the target is dead or moves out of sight. If the latter occurs, Turrets will briefly search for the test subject (as indicated by the movement of the targeting laser), after which they will revert to a standby state.

Turrets can be avoided, disabled or destroyed in a number of ways. The most common method is knocking them over, causing them to flail and fire wildly before deactivating. This can be done by picking them up and dropping them, or using any object to tip them over. Additionally, the Discouragement Beams or Emancipation Grills can be used to completely destroy them.

In Portal, Turrets will shoot the glass when the player is on the other side. In Portal 2, however, Turrets will only follow the player behind glass.



  • Among the Turret Striker's line of upgrades, there is an upgrade named "Turret Speed Buff". The turret seen in the icon is visually identical to the turret seen in Team Fortress 2.
  • Although the turrets are enemies in Portal, the vehicle version is friendly. The same goes for the Crabmeat and Dalek.
  • Since the Year 2 release, the Spin Attack Upgrade is broken, causing the turret to spin on it's own when there are no enemies nearby.
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