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Starter Pack


A177A jMlrL. SL1500


A1QnxZ3fpAL. SL1500

A1fagyHv7 L. SL1500

A1QISxy8jdL. SL1500

Set Number 71170 (PS3)

71171 (PS4)
71172 (Xbox 360)
71173 (Xbox One)
71174 (Wii U)

Minifigs Batman
Supergirl (PS4 Supergirl Exclusive)
Green Arrow (Certain Countries)
Number of Pieces 269
275 (PS4 Supergirl Exclusive)
Price (USD) $99.99
VIP Points Earned 99
Previous Set N/A
Next Set 71201 Level Pack
The Starter Pack is a LEGO Dimensions set that includes the game itself, minifigures of BatmanWyldstyle, and Gandalf, the Batmobile, and pieces to build the LEGO Gateway.






  • Game disk
  • Toy Pad
  • Bricks to build the LEGO Gateway
  • Bricks to build X-PO
  • Instruction manual with instructions for the gateway, vehicles and gadgets from expansion packs.



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