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LEGO Teen Titans Go! LEGO Dimensions Crossover (FULL EPISODE HD)

LEGO Teen Titans Go! LEGO Dimensions Crossover (FULL EPISODE HD)

The Dimensions Crisis is a special Teen Titans Go! episode made specially for LEGO Dimensions. It can only be unlocked and viewed by purchasing either the 71255 Team Pack or the 71287 Fun Pack. The packs unlock a TV on The Shard near the Teen Titans Go! World portal.


After finishing their LEGO replica of Jump City, Beast Boy and Cyborg (Teen Titans Go!) celebrate with Robin (Teen Titans Go!) complimenting them on how nice the model is. Then Raven and Starfire enter the room with Raven asking what is all this brick stuff. Starfire then asks Raven if she played with the building bricks made of plastic as a child, to which Raven replied that her dad was more into destroying universes rather than construction. Then Beast Boy suggests that Raven should enter the building contest tomorrow with them however they have no bricks left. She then tells them she has an idea to get some more and she summons a portal which sucks all the Titans into a different dimension a dimension completely made of LEGO bricks. Then the crime alert rings and they discover Jump City is being attacked by large groups of Gremlin(s). Suddenly The Powerpuff Girls arrive and start to defeat the Gremlins! Suddenly The Powerpuff Girls tell them that Mojo Jojo released Gremlins into Townsville and that some of them managed to escape using a dimensional gateway. Then Bubbles asks them if they will help to round up all the Gremlins. Then Cyborg (Teen Titans Go!) interrupts them saying that can that take them into movies from the 80's. Then Blossom tells them it can take them to a bunch of different worlds she then tells them shouldn't they help get rid of the Gremlins however Raven begins to say it would be cool to meet Betelgeuse she then says his name 3 times and a green portal appears in the sky and out jumps Betelgeuse. Raven ecstatic that she gets to meet Betelgeuse they then tell them who they are and that they are superheroes. He then mumbles under his breath that they could get in his way. He then asks them who wants to have some inter-dimensional fun and him and the Titans begin to run off to the dimensional gateway leaving The Powerpuff Girls behind in Jump City. It then shows the Titans in different dimensions both from Year 1 and 2: Starfire is in the Wizard of Oz World dancing and following the Yellow Brick Road alongside Dorothy Gale, Tin Woodman, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion. Cyborg (Teen Titans Go!) is seen hanging around with The Goonies whilst on The Inferno. Robin (Teen Titans Go!) is seen beating up criminals in The LEGO Batman Movie World. He then looks up to see Batman (The LEGO Batman Movie), Batgirl and Robin (The LEGO Batman Movie) angry Robin (Teen Titans Go!) then remembers he is not good at driving the Batmobile in this dimension either with a picture of a crashed Batmobile he then runs away. Beast Boy is seen in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them World inside of Newt's Suitcase building a fence around a fantastic beast. Then the beast escapes and Beast Boy runs off. Finally, Raven and Betelgeuse are seen walking through a prison TBA.




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