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Titans Tower
Titans Tower Lego
Location information
Name Titans Tower
Franchise Teen Titans Go!
Red Bricks TBA
Gold Bricks TBA
Renovations TBA
Quests TBA
Races TBA
The Titans Tower is a Teen Titans Go location featured in LEGO Dimensions


The Titans Tower is the headquarters/home of the Teen Titans. Located on a small island near the mainland of Jump City, this is where the Titans standby for missions, but it's mainly used for kicking back and relaxing,


When the Titans first saved Jump City from destruction, the citizens were very thankful. The city council made a deal with the Titans: They would pay for the construction of a base for the Titans in exchange for their protection over the city (from villains, monsters, aliens, etc.). The city council also pays for rent, utilities, and repair, allowing the Titans to focus on saving the city.

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