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Wicked Witch of the West
Character Information
Name Wicked Witch of the West
Gender Female
Franchise The Wizard of Oz
Weapons/Accessories Broomstick
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Winged Monkey
Occupation Witch
Residence Witch's Castle, Oz
Curses! Must I do everything myself?!
— The Wicked Witch's line when entering the game
Why, my little party's just beginning!
— The Wicked Witch's second line when entering the game
Well hello, my pretties!
— The Wicked Witch's third line when entering the game

The Wicked Witch of the West (or simply the Wicked Witch) is one of the Fun Pack characters who serves as a main antagonist in the level "Follow the LEGO Brick Road" in LEGO Dimensions. She appears in the 71221 Fun Pack for The Wizard of Oz franchise.


The Wicked Witch of the West is the malevolent ruler of the Winkie Country. She first appears in the film after Dorothy arrives in Oz and demands to know who killed her sister the Witch of the East, Dorothy tried to explain that it was an accident but the Witch simply replied declaring "Well, my little pretty, I can cause accidents too." Glinda then reminded her of her intent to retrieve the ruby slippers and as she is about to grab them they magically disappear, startled the Witch demands to know where the went and Glinda reveals they have appeared on Dorothy's feet furious with this the Witch swears vengeance on Dorothy for her sister's death and the perceived theft of her property and disappears in a cloud of smoke. She occasionally spies on Dorothy as she makes her journey to the Emerald city and even threatens the Scarecrow with a fireball and to turn Tin Man into a makeshift bee hive then disappears once again. She then tries to stop Dorothy and her friends with poison poppies but thanks to Glinda's enchanted snow the spell is broken much to the Witch's dismay, deciding to take matters into her own hands she sets off on her broomstick towards the emerald city writing a threatening message in the sky "SURRENDER DOROTHY." When Dorothy is tasked by the Wizard to steal the Witch's broomstick they make their way through the haunted forest but are attacked by the Flying Monkeys who kidnap Dorothy and Toto, taking them to the Wicked Witch's castle. The Wicked Witch of the West locked Dorothy in a room of the hourglass, but Toto escaped, getting help from the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion. The three friends disguised themselves as Winkie Guards and rescued Dorothy. But just as the four friends were about to escape, The Wicked Witch of the West sent her Winkie Guards to chase after the heroes. When Dorothy and her friends were surrounded by guards, The Wicked Witch of the West set the Scarecrow on fire. Then Dorothy noticed a bucket of water, and tossed it to extinguish the fire on Scarecrow, but also splashed some on the Wicked Witch. As a result, the Wicked Witch met her end when she melted to death. 

Dimensions Crisis

Follow the LEGO Brick Road

The Wicked WItch is the main antagonist of the level. First her laugh can be hear after Dorothy Gale and her friends send to the Foundation Prime. Later the Wicked Witch is seen with her flying monkeys overflying Oz, then saw Batman, Wyldstyle and Gandalf and the Shift keystone which gave her sense of power. She, alongside her army, attacked the heroes, however they were too strong for her. At the end of the battle she escaped with the keystone and retreat to her castle.

Later when the heroes went to recover the keystone, the Witch send her Winkie Guards to stop them, however the trio manage to reach the top of the castle where they came face to face with the wicked witch, now having the power of the keystone. To avoid her use her new power the heroes build cages around the portals that makes her being trapped every time she tries to use the them, however she manages to escape but the heroes rebuild the broken cage (alongside other pieces) into a water cannon and spray her, caused she to melt. Later her melted body is transported to Foundation Prime.

All Your Bricks Are Belong To Us

The Wicked Witch Of The West can be seen, with her resurrected body, in the background with other villains when a furious Lord Vortech smashes the Thief who failed recovering the foundation element.


The Wizard of Oz: Oz (Witch's Castle)



Careful you don't rust, tin man! Ngyahahaha!
— The Wicked Witch to Cyborg
Another good witch? Curses! Curses!
— The Wicked Witch to Wonder Woman
Let's go into business together!
— The Wicked Witch to Gandalf
Have you found your courage yet, you oversized housecat?
— The Wicked Witch to Laval
An aquatic man, eh? Keep that horrible water away from me!
— The Wicked Witch to Aquaman
An impressive flying object but no match for my broomstick, I'd wager!
— The Wicked Witch when riding the Hoverboard
I'm melting! MELTING! Oh... Maybe not.
— Wicked Witch when respawning
Hahahahaha! I'll be there fast as lightning!
— The Wicked Witch in the Vortex
Curses! Curses!
— The Wicked Witch when unable to solve a puzzle
All too easy for my superior intelligence! Nygahahaha!
— The Wicked Witch after solving a puzzle
Success! I knew that no mere brain teaser could stop me!
— The Wicked Witch's second line when solving a puzzle
Interesting. But no match for my superior intellect!
— The Wicked Witch's third line when solving a puzzle
Ah-ha! Just what I need...
— The Wicked Witch when obtaining a gold brick
I'll get you... and your little dogs, too!
— The Wicked Witch when in combat
Drat! My evil is required elsewhere!
— The Wicked Witch when leaving the game
You haven't seen the last of ME! Nygahahaha!
— The Wicked Witch's second line when leaving the game
I'll be back for you later! Nygahahaha!
— The Wicked Witch's third line when leaving the game
Now this is my kind of transportation! Ngyahahaha!
— The Wicked Witch's line in the Vortex
A spider, eh? Maybe I can use it to catch some pretty flies! Ngyahahaha!
— The Wicked Witch when riding Shelob the Great
You may have size. But, you're still no match for my powers!
— The Wicked Witch when riding any mech
My power will be the greatest in Oz!
— The Wicked Witch when left idle
— The Wicked Witch's second line when left idle
Ahahaargh! My power grows even greater! Ahahahaaargh!
— Wicked Witch's first line when upgrading her vehicle/gadget.
Perfect that should increase my wickedness to known!
— Wicked Witch's second line when upgrading her vehicle/gadget.
So, you won't take a warning, eh? All the worse for you!
— The Wicked Witch's second line when in combat.
What a horribly bright-looking carriage! Although I do like the spooky ghost on the side.
— The Wicked Witch when riding the Ecto-1
Well, well! Twice as much wickedness as before! Ngyahahaha!
— Wicked Witch to Wicked Witch


  • The Wicked Witch of the West is voiced by Courtenay Taylor. In the 1939 film, she was portrayed by Margaret Hamilton.
  • The Wicked Witch of the West's design is similar to the Collectible Minifigures Series 2 Witch.
  • She is the only minifigure from The Wizard of Oz franchise that is a physical figure.
  • She cannot cross even knee-deep water in game while walking, otherwise she will temporarily melt. This is in reference to her weakness towards water in the book and the film when Dorothy kills her by accidentally throwing water at her when Scarecrow was deliberately set on fire by the Witch. She will automatically resort to flying on her broomstick if she is about to land in water.
    • Ironically, she can use the Water Element when the Elemental Keystone is active without any problem.
      • Also, before the Wave 7 update, she had a glitch saying she could do water interactions (Growth, Water Spray, Hazard Cleaner) when she actually can't.
  • During the boss battle, Wyldstyle references Wicked when she states that the Witch's broom is "defying gravity", a song from the Broadway musical of the same name.
  • The Wicked Witch is one of the few bosses in LEGO Dimensions who are playable along with The Joker, Slimer, Stay Puft and Bane.
  • Her face appears in the achievement There's no Place Like... This.
  • She is seen in the trailer for Year 2, accidently coming in contact with water along with Gizmo.
  • She appears in one of The LEGO Batman Movie summer sets along with her Flying Monkeys.
  • Wicked Witch appears in two Fantastic Beasts levels; A Walk In The Park and Demiguise Double-Cross.


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